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Supporter Q&A – David Covill

by Addis Army Cricket

Q: What was your first overseas Test match?
A: Durban 2004 though I did go to the 2003 CWC in SA.

Q: What is your most memorable overseas Test match you’ve seen?
A: Difficult one, Cape Town this year was great but I also really enjoyed the Durban draw in 2004 in was a fantastic game but ill have to opt for Calcutta in 2012.

Q: Who is your favourite current England player?
A: Ben Stokes

Q: Who is your favourite England player of all time?
A: Being an Essex fan it has to be Sir Alistair

Q: Who is your favourite opposition player of all time?
A: Michael Holding but that may be influenced by my love for his commentating despite him being an excellent player.

Q: What is your favourite overseas Test ground and why?
A: Difficult question. I love Cape Town but it’s ruined by too many English (hope that doesn’t seem snobby) so ill opt for the basin Reserve. Trishas pies RIP. Second place is Galle.

Q: Which country is your favourite to tour and why?
A: New Zealand it has everything, you cant tire of the place.

Q: Of all the cities/towns you visited on town, which is your favourite and why?
A: Every time I go away I always enjoy getting home, the only place ive been and thought I could stay was Christchurch (pre-earthquake)

Q: What is your most memorable non cricket moment on tour?
A: Playing beach cricket in the Caribbean.

Q: What do you enjoy most about touring?
A: Having a good holiday with people I only usually see a few times a year.

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