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Supporter Q&A – Sara

by Addis Army Cricket

Q: What was your first overseas Test match?
A: Melbourne, Australia, 2006. We had already spent two weeks in Oz by then and we knew the series was lost, but what an atmosphere. Have never looked back since.

Q: What is your most memorable overseas Test match you’ve seen?
A: It took a while for me to see my first England win overseas, but the most memorable test match has to be in Chennai 2008, probably for all of the wrong reasons. So few people could make the test due to the Mumbai bombings but the welcome we received and the lifelong friends we made will sit long in the memory. Plus there was that special moment with Graeme Swann.

Q: Who is your favourite current England player?
A: Has to be James Anderson, prolific wicket taker and a Lanky lad to boot. Close second has to be Jonny Bairstow. It’s something about wicket keepers!

Q: Who is your favourite England player of all time?
A: Sir Ian Botham, I grew up watching Ian with his explosive, game changing batting. He is probably one of the most charismatic cricketers to wear the England shirt.

Q: Who is your favourite opposition player of all time?
A: The master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. An impressive cricketer on and off the pitch and such a gent.

Q: What is your favourite overseas Test ground any why?
A: Newlands cricket ground, has to be the most stunning backdrop in the world.

Q: Which country is your favourite to tour and why?
A: New Zealand, great grounds, great people, great scenery. Whats not to love?

Q: Of all the cities/towns you visited on town, which is your favourite and why?
A: Tricky question. I would have to say Capetown, because there is just so much to do apart from watching the cricket. Ironically a very good friend of mine managed to miss Ben Stokes double ton in 2016 as she went on a day trip to Robben Island and I think will regret her choice to her dying day.

Q: What is your most memorable non cricket moment on tour?
A: Spending Christmas day with 536 other cricket fans at the Crown Casino, Melbourne 2010. Unfortunately for the Australian cricket team, they were holding their celebrations next door. Not sure they were too amused. We topped it off with some hilarious irishing jigging in PJ O’Briens and copious renditions of ‘I’ve got a brand new combine harvester’. You really had to be there!

Q: What do you enjoy most about touring?
A: The comradery of the overseas touring fans, and the opportunity to visit places that you might never consider as a holiday destination.

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