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Perth pre-match update

by Midnight

Hot off the press Ashley Giles has been seen rather worse for wear in a Cottesloe bar this afternoon in the company of Alec Stewart, who played in the Legends 20-20 last night.

This leads to speculation that a certain other spinner will play at Perth.

Oh Monty Monty etc etc

The English fans here are worried to say the least, nerves jangling like a chavs bling (sorry Hammers fans).

Been down Cottesloe beach again today which is becoming a regular occurrence in this west coast resort as the pub serves Tooheys dark mild which is like the old Bass dark mild and very drinkable unlike the muck they serve at the cricket.

Temperatures here likely to get up to 40 % so have bought a large sombrero to wear at the game on the advice of the “locals” – i.e. a cockney and scouser working here that I met before the derby game last weekend.

Which United won 3-1.

Pray for us and watch this space.


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