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The end of the beige tour

by Posh Margaret

When we arrived in Barbados in January we were asked what colour tour we were on (Howzat the company I use for tours uses colours: white to platinum to grade the standard) …. so I came up with Beige for our unorganised tour. We are now at the end it and it’s been a success with all accommodation/flights/tickets being up to scratch and the cost being way less then half of doing a organised tour. The cricket could have been better but to have nearly 8 weeks away in the winter is bliss.

In St Kitts now…. the only island I’d not been to before. It’s very picturesque and we’ve got suites at Timothy Beach with lovely views to the Caribbean and Atlantic seas.

Despite heavy rain last night we managed a sunset at the shipwreck bar.

I don’t normally do T20s and now know why. The 2 here have been dreadful with the West Indies not turning up. Felt sorry for the lots of locals who came to the ground situated in the centre of Basseterre. Some of my Addis Army friends where sat behind us!

ODIsWe went To the 3 W’s warm up game…..the ground was lovely and Everton Weeks and Sobers where there. We won the two ODIs in Barbados – we won the one we should have lost and vice versa…

I was in Grenada on Christmas Eve 1994 with Sue (my sister) on a cruise. I remember Grand Anse being one of the best beaches I’d seen. I stayed there again this time and it’s still as beautiful.

Managed to some friends who were doing the ODI tour and had plenty of time with them in a rum shack when the first game was rain off….only day we’ve had of solid rain…second match made up of it….one of the best games I’ve seen and finishing with Rashid taking 4 wickets (after my friend screaming he shouldn’t be bowling) was great…

Back in St Lucia we stayed at the Harmony Suites in Rodney Bay which I would recommend to anyone. Small but lovely bar, food and pool just off the busy strip. Lots of meals out with friends. Won’t mention the cricket which was dire.

We’ve had 10 internal flights on the tour and no luggage was lost. Only the last one with Liat from Antigua to St Kitts was delayed due to engine problems …

Now a day by the pool before my BA flight home. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the weather and Brexit!

To sum up the tour….

Favourite game: 4th ODI Grenada

Least favourite: All the T20s

Favourite ground: Antigua

Least favourite: St Lucia

Favourite accommodation: St Lucia/St Kitts

Least favourite: Barbados

Favourite beach: Great Anse, Grenada

Least favourite: St Lucia

Favourite restaurants: Barbados/St Kitts

Least favourite: Antigua

Favourite Island: Barbados

Least favourite: Antigua

Favourite airline: LIAT

Finally really enjoyed meeting up with lots of friends (old and new) really made the trip. Ready for the next one now!



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