West Indies Tour 2009

West Indies Tour 2009: You will always find him in the kitchen at parties - Day 8

The day of Simons super tour.

We wake up to the news of the outrage against the Sri Lankan team in Pakistan and Chris Broad is on BBC World news giving a vivid account of his issues with the security arrangements. Chris Broad talks a lot of sense and its no wonder the Colonel Blimps at the ECB consider him too radical to be elevated further. Im sure the fans wouldn’t have any complaints.

Unfortunately due to insurance requirements Simon has been unable to obtain a vehicle to drive himself.

Instead , we have a fourteen-seater bus with a local driver for the day. Our driver seems a cheerless sort at first – Reg Varney he is definitely not. Blakey – perhaps , perhaps. At least he never says “ Ill ‘ave you Butler”.

Simon sits in the front passenger seat and directs operations. We visit the council strip where Desmond Haynes played his local cricket – the wicket would be deemed unplayable by most UK village teams.

We visit lots of posh bits including the area where Sir Cliff Richard now makes his home – called “ The Old Ones”.

We visit the spectacular North Point , and go swimming at Crane beach.

All in all , a superb day out : thanks must go to Simon for taking the trouble to arrange this.

It will be our last night in Barbados, for tomorrow we travel to Trinidad. Some of us will be island hopping. Those with superior flight arranging skills , like Herbie , have arranged much more convenient direct flights to Port of Spain.

Myself ,Herbie , Simon , and Vinny decide to eat out at “Pisces” in St Lawrence Gap. I dress up for the evening in a sombre Kiwi themed shirt and shorts. Herbie impersonates Francis Rossi from the Quo in his jacket and jeans. We are rewarded by a wonderful meal and finally get to drink some decent wine.

Back at Tara the nameless one is nipping into the kitchen at every possible opportunity to talk to the object of his desires.

Eventually the besotted pair manage a snog – in the bedroom shared by the writer and Simon. Fortunately we are still out enjoying “Pisces” and in fact end up being the last table to be turfed out.

Mr Blade and Streetfly decide it will be necessary to drain every drop of alcohol from the villa before our departure and so when we arrive back at Tara after our meal the dining table resembles a crazed bowling lane with glass skittles. We join the pair nevertheless for a few drinks. Mr Blade is still enjoying himself minesweeping when the Saint and Ben arrive in via Gangsta Cabs at 3.30am.

Its going to be an early start in the morning , especially for those with direct flights.

You do not need to be Nostradamus to predict what’s going to happen tomorrow!

Quote of the day

Herbie - “ Someones gonna have to scoop up Saint when that taxi arrives at 6.30am tomorrow . If anyone’s not ready at 6.30 am I aint waiting – I’m off to the airport”

Herbie - “ Me and Freddie will be sipping rum and cokes on the beach tomorrow while you c*nts are island-hopping”


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