West Indies Tour 2009

West Indies Tour 2009: The Omen - Day 5

Oooooh my head.

On the way to the cricket we learn that Simon , who has been remarkably sensible thus far , spent the day talking with Sir Viv Richards yesterday and escaped the carnage of the rum shack.

Simon has other ideas today. “ Sod the cricket – Im off to Legends for the day to get pis**d”.

This portends fun and games later in the day.

Day 4 of the test and the West Indies start play at 350-3. Sharp eyed readers may have remembered the little spread bet placed by Wycombe yesterday afternoon under the influence of 25 bottles of rum.

For those unfamiliar with spread betting basically he will lose £2 for every run Windies score over 500 and win £2 for every run under this figure if they are bowled out.

West Indies close in on the target. Wicks sits pretending to read “ Corridor of Uncertainty” and acting unconcerned. Maybe he should have bought “ Taking a bath is a Certainty” to read instead.

As WI pass 500 the nearby fans , who are aware of the significance of this number from the suppressed giggles and rumours , rise to applaud.

The score mounts. Whack. £20 down. Thwack . £50 down. Crack. £100 down. The situation is getting out of hand.

At last a wicket falls! Hope springs eternal, but Jerome Taylor comes in and proceeds to crash the ball to all parts – pull for six , next ball driven for four. Twenty quid in two balls!

The scoreboard ticks round at a rate of knots .

666-6 with West Indies lead at 66. How uncanny. A beady eyed black raven lands on Wycombes shoulder and starts pecking . I wonder if its called “Herbie”. A rabid dog starts howling incessantly. A cloud rolls over the sun blotting out the light for an instant. The Antichrist is with us….no sorry, its just Steve Harmison bringing out the drinks.

Wycombes agony is ended when WI reach a score of 700 as he has sensibly placed a stop loss figure of £400 on his wager.

To be fair , in all honesty , I have to say he took all the banter bloody well – respect mate.

We call in at “Gallons” on the way home. Wycombe and Son of’s shirts from yesterday are nailed to the wall.

When we get back to Tara in a more sober state than the previous day , we are enjoying a quiet G & T when Simon arrives home for dinner after his “session” at Legends.

We can tell that Simon has been drinking , as he enters the villa singing “ All we need is Ravi Bopara , better than Lara , and Sangakkara” to the tune of Radio Gaga.

Gaga. How appropriate!

Simons entertainment that afternoon had consisted of something slightly less impressive than an audience with Sir Viv. Instead , he has been watching Davo live on stage performing the old Bob Marley reggae classic “ No rum and meat pie”. You know the tune.

We stay at Tara for the evening , apart from Saint & Son of who are collected by Junior for their nightly trip to the netherworld. Vinny has moved his sleeping arrangements upstairs and now resembles Top Cat jumping in his bin as he turns in for bed.

In the kitchen , something odd is brewing…….love is in the air!

More tomorrow.

Quote of the day

Midnight "Wycs, that's twenty quid in two balls , you couldnt lose money faster if you stood over a grid dropping pound coins in".


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