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Who dropped JR?

The recent England ODI team has been like Theresa May started this election campaign. Strong and stable. Everyone knew the team and everyone in the team knew there jobs. Roy Hales Root Morgan Stokes Buttler Ali Woakes Plunkett Rashid Wood.

However over the last 2 weeks, like Theresa May the team have started to crumble around the edges and are looking more vulnerable. Woakes is injured and will be replaced by Finn or Ball, both decent bowlers but suddenly the once formidable England lower order is starting to look a little more like a tail, though ones that wags as well as any other team.

The other problem England face is at the other end of the team. Jason Roy has chosen the worst possible time to hit a poor run of form, England are lucky to have a number 3 like Root but he can't provide the start the openers should be doing every game. The other aspect is that unlike England not having another all rounder to replace Woakes, England have their most in form batsmen delivering drinks and carrying gloves.

Jonny Bairstow is in supreme form and whilst he hasn't opened for England before in ODIs he has scored in the middle order and opened for Yorkshire.

It seems perverse that the best batsmen over the last 18 months can't get in the team, however we are told that we need stability to win tournaments. However strong and stable is only good if are going in the right direction. England needs change.

Bairstow can play like Roy and he can also play like Root. He is currently our best batsmen, England needs many runs, not a few.



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