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England v Yorkshire: Who would win?

One nation, full of pride, out to conquer the cricketing world. But how would Yorkshire fare against England?

In the cricketing world it is often said that a strong Yorkshire means a strong England. However there are many who think that the Championship-winning Yorkshire would beat England at cricket and for once not all of them are from Yorkshire. To see if this boast is true, we will have to examine each component of the two teams.

Obviously we will have to let Yorkshire have the first pick, first because we'd never hear the end of it otherwise and secondly every Tyke considers themselves a Yorkshireman first and an Englishman second.

First of all the opening batsmen. Yorkshire's top opening pair are Lyth and Lees. Lyth struggled against Test teams but both have score big runs in the Championship. Lyth's absence would leave England with an opening pair of Cook and Hales, and experienced classy opening bat and England captain paired with an explosive hitter who is dangerous in all forms of cricket. Advantage England.

Numbers 3,4 and 5 pits Ballance, Root and Gale against Bell, Morgan and Taylor. Yorkshire are so strong here that I have had to recruit one day specialists to complete the England batting line up. Ballance and Gale are level pegging with Morgan and Taylor which leaves Root vs Bell, England's two most stylish batsmen. Root's recent form has elevated him not only to the top of the England pile but also the top of the world pile. Advantage Yorkshire.

All-rounders and wicket keepers. This sees Yorkshire's Rashid, Willey and Bairstow matched up with England's Ali, Stokes and Buttler. Both teams are comparable in terms of bowling and keeping though Rashid and Willey give the Yorkshire attack more variety. However, there are more runs in the England bowlers Ali and Stokes, giving them the edge which is countered by Bairstow's prolific form this season. Draw.

Bowling attack. Sidebottom, Plunkett and Brooks pitch themselves up against Broad, Wood and Anderson. Whilst the former are an effective county attack, Broad and Anderson are two of the finest fast bowlers England have ever produced and with Wood's additional pace they are a formidable outfit. Advantage England.

This gives England a 2-1 victory. The additional experience of Anderson, Broad and Cook were enough to see off the classy Root and his Yorkshire teammates.

Who would win: England or Yorkshire?



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