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Why are Australia the best cricket team in the world?

What made Australia the best cricket team in the world?

Australia are the most successful Test team in history with the highest win percentage (46.83%), had the best ever player in Don Bradman with a batting average of 99.94 and have won more Cricket World Cups than other nation. But why are they so good?

Australia has a smaller population than most Test playing nations and has to compete with Aussie Rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union and more recently Football. Whereas Cricket is the most popular sport by far in the Indian sub-continent.

Whilst Australia is a prosperous nation enabling them to have good facilities, it is no more prosperous than England or New Zealand and the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) is the richest and most powerful cricket board in the world.

May be it’s the weather?

The Australian climate allows for a healthy, outdoor lifestyle. Australians can play cricket for most of the year, certainly much more so than in England. But so can Indians and Jamaicans and Bangladeshis.

So is it down to attitude?

Many Australians, particularly sporting Australians, still possess the larrikin streak, a disdain for authority and the ‘old order’ that can be traced back to the days of the penal colonies. But is this rebellious nature really enough to win cricket game in this professional, managed age?

The only possible explanation is that all these factors combine to create a sporting machine.

The climate that affords an outdoor lifestyle, the excellent sporting facilities and the determination to fight their corner have created something.

They have created the perfect cricketing storm, and it shows no sign of relenting.



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