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Did Peter Moores deserve to be axed as England's cricket coach?

England cricket coach gets the sack prior to the summer tests.

Peter Moores was sacked after an awful World Cup and a disappointing 1-1 draw in the West Indies Test series.

The former Lancashire and Sussex coach got the push on Andrew Strauss's first day as ECB director of cricket. So this would appear to be his decision, though it wouldn't be surprising if the incoming ECB chairman Colin Graves has had a say.

Three questions come to mind from this decision. What does it say about how Strauss will perform his role? Should Moores have been sacked? And how was his sacking handled?

Strauss was condemned as being a Yes Man by many pundits who would placidly go along with the Moores/Cook team. This appears to be a deliberate show of authority and independence by Strauss. He might have been expected to give Moores the New Zealand series and work alongside Moores to get a better feel for his management style. He didn't.

After a lamentable World Cup, it was obvious that England needed a new ODI and T20 coach, but going into the series in the Caribbean, Moores still had a reasonable reputation and record in Test cricket. However England's cautious approach to selection and rate of scoring led to a soporific display. He deserved to go.

Graves undermined Moores with his comments prior to the West Indies series as well as insulting the home team. As England played the ODI in Malahide on Friday, the sacking rumours were spreading thick and fast throughout the media. Stories of his dismissal were being written, with Moores blissfully unaware, carrying on with his job. Whether he is a good coach or not, he is a decent man. He deserved better.

So who will be next in the hot seat? Whoever it is, I hope he is treated better.

Did Peter Moores deserve to be sacked?



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