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Sri Lanka Ticketing Update

Firstly we are extremely grateful to all of you that have taken the time to email us or to comment on social media. Thanks to you our petition has now surpassed 3.5K signatures - well above the figure we had in mind.

We’ve pulled all these comments together and compiled a ‘Dossier of Discontent’ available here as a downloadable pdf file. The document has been circulated to all the stakeholders in the tour in order that they can appreciate that the outsourcing decision taken by SLC is likely to have far reaching and negative effects on Cricket Tourism in particular and the image of the Country in general.

Membership Secretary Andy Thompson and myself are due to meet the Sri Lankan High Commissioner this Thursday (27.9.18) to hand over a copy of the document and hopefully discuss possible solutions to the problem.

Interestingly, the Dossier provoked an almost immediate reaction from SLC, resulting in the first direct contact we have had since late April. It’s too soon to say whether we will reach an equitable solution for all but we remain hopeful as they at least appear to be listening.

The situation as it stands has not changed. If you want to purchase a seat, especially at Galle and Kandy, you will have to deal with Island Leisure Lanka, the holder of the rights. For the cheapest seats available you will have to part with $65 USD a day for 5 day pass (5th day complimentary), incur their bank charges of $25 USD per transaction AND pay your own bank to process it.

SLC continue to assure us that England supporters will be permitted to purchase cheap grass bank tickets but these will only be available on the day and we have no information on numbers.

If you are happy to take your chances with the daily grass bank tickets then there is no more we can report to you. If, however, you are holding out hope for more reasonably priced seats we ask you to remain patient.

As we outlined to our members recently, for those heading out the ODI and IT20 series you will be relieved to hear that SLC are now offering tickets for sale via their usual online tickets agents. Please note you will receive an email booking confirmation for stadium collection - not a downloadable ticket. The admission prices are in stark contrast to the Test series which only serves to highlight the arrogant opportunism of Island Leisure Lanka and it’s Directors.

Chris Millard
Managing Director, The Barmy Army

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