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Well that ODI series was a bit of a turnaround, wasn’t it?

After our initial hammering I admit I thought it was all going to go the same way throughout; I just wasn’t sure we had the variety and flexibility to get past Yadav Kuldeep and all the problems he was reportedly causing our batsmen while most of us were (let’s be honest) busy watching the football.

But overcome him we did and given India’s probability of playing him in the upcoming Test series, it’s good to see that we don’t need to fear him as much as we perhaps expected to. Certainly, without the fielding restrictions of ODIs and the changed pressures of batting his sting should be reduced anyway.

England’s batting has again been ridiculously impressive but am I the only one slightly disappointed to see how far the boundaries are brought in for most ODIs now? The Lord’s Nursery End boundary must have come in at least twelve feet and while it’s great for the crowds in the moment to see big hitting and high scores, as any fule kno the long-term future of the game is damaged by such imbalanced play.

There are certainly particular strengths and performances that we can hope will transfer over smoothly into the Test side: Bairstow, Buttler and Root to name just three. The ridiculous talk of Root losing his place just goes to show how careful you have to be when listening to TV and radio pundits with airtime to fill! I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet in Addis pages how pleased I am to see Buttler in the Test side. I’ve always been a fan of his inventive play and he seems to have the perfect temperament. He comes across as humble and modest, hardworking but determined to develop his game. His recent Sky Sports Masterclass in white ball batting only emphasised all these traits as he spoke eloquently about his technique, training and thinking.

I am hopeful for a gripping Test series over the rest of this glorious summer, although I’ve not got any tickets while I squirrel away the funds for Sri Lanka! Just a reminder to keep up to date with the ticket situation for the Sri Lanka tests and sign the petition if you haven’t already done so. The clickbait headlines about demolishing the Galle stadium are total tosh, though. At worst we’re looking at the removal of a permanent stand, to be replaced by temporary seating going up when required. Given how many England fans will be boycotting the stadium itself this autumn if the ticketing policy remains the same, it will probably have minimal impact anyway.


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