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Tremers' 12 days of Christmas Quiz

As its Christmas I thought I would enter into the spirit by doing a 12 days of Christmas quiz.

In honour of people that give the ball a bloody good whack in test cricket only, I have based it on the mighty 6 hitters that we all love to see in full flow.

Tot up your points and the winner gets sweet fanny adams !!

Here goes.

1. Who has hit most 6s in Test cricket? 1 point for name 1 point for number

2. Who are 2nd, 3rd, 4th? 1 point for each

3. Which Indian has hit most 6s? 1 point

4. Who has an average of 17 but is in the top 20 of six hitters? 1 point

5. Which English player has hit most sixes? Botham, Pietersen or Flintoff? 1 point

6. Who has an average of 13, hit 36 6s but only 78 4s? 1 point

7. Who has hit more 6s? Harbajan, Stokes, or Langer? 1 point

8. Who has hit the most 6s in an innings and how many ? 2 points

9. Who has hit more 6s for Sri Lanka? Sangakara, Jayasuriya or Jayawardena? 1 point

10. Only 1 player has hit over 50 6s but also had less innings than number of 6s hit. Who? 1 point

11. What's the most 6s hit in a teams innings? Who and how many? 2 points

12. Who has hit more 6s. Warne, Ian Bell or Shaun Pollock? 1 point

That should be about 15 points.

Merry Christmas and a healthy 2018 to you all!


Answers: 1. McCullum 107 2. Gilchrist,Gayle,Kallis 3. Sehwag 91 4. Southee 5. Flintoff 82 6. Michael Holding 7. Harbajan 42 8. Wasim Akram 12 9. Jayawardena 61 10. Afridi 11. New Zealand 22 v Pakistan 12. Bell 39.

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