Forthcoming England cricket tours

Watching Test match cricket in England is always an enjoyable experience: full houses, champagne bottles popping at Lords, the famous Western terrace at Headingley, the bull ring atmosphere of Edgbaston to name a few - each of our venues have their unique quirks. But, nothing compares to watching England overseas. You get the quirks from back home, but a lot, lot more: the cultural experience, the friendly welcomes (ok not in Australia!) cricket mad locals, exploring countries as diverse as Barbados to Bangladesh, the chance to visit some of the wonders of the world, the opportunity to build some great friendships - and that's only touching the surface.

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Horrible sales plug aside, next winter will see us return to Australia for the Ashes. Below you'll find links for everything you need to know to plan a tour, become an independent traveller and come and join us, and the many other England fans, looking to make the trip. It doesn't have to be expensive, but before booking and paying for anything please make sure you check out everything on our three recommended sites: the Foreign Office Know Before You Go site, Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet.

The Corridor of Uncertainty Fanzine

If you've not toured before (in fact even if you have!) keep an eye out for Andy Clark (@clarkyfanzine) selling the leading England fanzine 'The Corridor of Uncertainty' it's a must read on tour (and buy your t-shirt as well!). You'll always find Clarky just outside the main entrances.

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New Zealand 2018

Once the Ashes is complete, the team head off to beautiful New Zeanland. If you speak to anyone that has travelled to New Zealand they all list it as one of their favourite tours. So, if it's on your bucket list why not make 2018 the year!

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