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Tremers Q&A

Q: What was your first overseas Test match?
A: First overseas was South Africa v Australia in Perth 2005. Was on holiday, went to watch the Test match, got my name called out over the tannoy and asked if I could help the groundstaff as they were short staffed. Was about 5 pints deep when I reported for duty!

Q: What is your most memorable overseas Test match you’ve seen?
A: Boxing day 2010. 1-1 in series after getting whipped at Perth. Greenest Test pitch ive ever seen, luckily we won the toss and the rest is history. Convicts 98 all out and we were 150 for 0 at the close. Best day in English cricket history!

Q: Who is your favourite current England player?
A: Craig Overton. Great having a first division player from Somerset in the team!! (Ed: wonder who that is a dig at!)

Q: Who is your favourite England player of all time?

A: No one really,seen so many but I guess I would pump for David Gower. Especially as I was a left handed bat, used a GN double scoop like him and had my blond hair permed as a 15 year old to look like him (I was a more graceful batsman tho!)

Q: Who is your favourite opposition player of all time?
A: IVA, the master blaster. Life time hero. Loved watching Viv smash it about. Coolest dude in the world.

Q: What is your favourite overseas Test ground any why?
A: The bull ring Joburg. Small ground, ball flies, cheap wooden benches, grass banks, you can walk right around the ground, butchers shop at the back where you buy food for the free bbqs, cheap tickets, hot weather, good social scene. Enough said!!

Q: Which country is your favourite to tour and why?
A: A draw between South Africa and Sri Lanka. So many great places to visit in both, beaches, climate, wildlife and always £17 per night for a night out!

Q: Of all the cities/towns you visited on tour, which is your favourite?
A: Tough one. Cape Town's amazing, Sydney too but will have to go for Perth. Have worked at the WACA. I have so many mates out there. Love the city and Freemantle. It feels like a second home.

Q: What is your most memorable non cricket moment on tour?
A: Wow how do you you narrow it down to one?? If I had to choose one event though it would have to be the drive from Adelaide to Perth with George and Midnight. From excessive toilet roll purchasing, to playing the world's longest golf course, to Midnight getting bitten lots, having a Christmas party with the local Aboriginies, George and Midnight arguing about who snores most, with George nearly dying on the golf course in Kalgoorlie in 44 degrees, it was one experience I will never forget (even if I wanted too)

Q: What do you enjoy most about touring?
A: Touring, again where do you start. Main thing is going away with mates to watch a sport that we all love because it's the best sport in the world. Visiting different countries and taking in their culture (apart from OZ as they have none). Meeting mates who now live overseas. Eating great food, drinking different booze. Being in the heat in our winter. Just having a bloody good laugh with an amazing bunch of people, oh yeah and don't forget about playing golf whenever we can hey Saint !!

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