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Tractor 2 Q&A

Q: What was your first overseas Test match?
A: Cape Town 2004/5 when I was a young whipper-snapper on my gap year in SA. Tractor 1 had been befriended by some mad folk who’d stopped off in Addis Ababa, I rocked up and became Tractor 2 and lo and behold, here we all are!

Q: What is your most memorable overseas Test match you’ve seen?
A: Again, Cape Town but in 2010/11. My first time seeing the full five days of a test match; I remember the blistering heat and batting it out for a draw against some terrifying bowling from Morkel and Steyn which felt like a win.

Q: Who is your favourite current England player?
A: It has to be Jimmy! Will there ever be another like him?

Q: Who is your favourite England player of all time?

A: If I say Strauss, Tractor 1 will disown me for trying to steal him from her. I’ll go with the one and only Freddie Flintoff!

Q: Who is your favourite opposition player of all time?
A: Jonty Rhodes. I bloody loved him! Those catches! He defied gravity.

Q: What is your favourite overseas Test ground any why?
A: It will always be Newlands. Table Mountain and SA have such a firm place in my heart, I can’t think of anywhere else overseas that could beat it for me.

Q: Which country would you most like to tour?
A: Sri Lanka, particularly to the Galle Test match; or do an Ashes tour.

Q: Which overseas Test match do you most wish you'd be at?
A: Mumbai 2012-13 beating India by 10 wickets.

Q: What is your most memorable non cricket moment on tour?
A: I’m going to throw in Nuwara Eliya here! I wasn’t able to get to the cricket with Freddie, Tremers et al unfortunately, but my journey to see them and our hike to the world’s end will live long in the memory!

Q: What do you enjoy most about touring?
A: Well, answering these questions has made me realise I need to get out on a tour sooner rather than later as it has been too long since I last watched England abroad. Where shall I choose?

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