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Posh Margaret Q&A

Q: What was your first overseas Test match?
A: Colombo 2001 - a England win in 3 days! Took a two week holiday on my own to Sri Lanka and saw the last test and 3 ODIs. Realised that the tests were 'my thing' and have no idea how many I've since or how many England wins....that's a man thing...

Q: What is your most memorable overseas Test match you’ve seen?
A: Nagpur 2012 - Boring draw but a England series win in India .... the first in .....(man thing again) and the end of a great trip with wins in Mumbai and Calcutta. This choice may be because I'm just back from 6 weeks in India where we managed 1 draw out of 5.

Q: Who is your favourite current England player?
A: Jonny Bairstow - Great down to earth guy who has made the best of his abilities and has really developed his game. His Dad was the same age as me and never forgot how envious I was that he had his O level exams changed so he could play for Yorkshire.

Q: Who is your favourite England player of all time?
A: KP - I can hear the sigh now. Probably the most Marmite guy but for me we need characters in the game and saw some wonderful innings from him.

Q: Who is your favourite opposition player of all time?
A: Adam Gilchrist - (Obviously got a thing about keepers) Great batsman and keeper. Always walked and I saw a magnificent 100 at Perth. Just followed by Kumar Sangakkara who is just beautiful to watch. After India was tempted to put Kohli/Ashwin!

Q: What is your favourite overseas Test ground any why?
A: The old ground in Kandy - in town and an exciting tut tut ride. Great views, Tim roof blowing off, swarm of bees and Muralitharan getting record no of wickets......a proper ground.

Q: Which country is your favourite to tour and why?
A: Sri Lanka - my first tour and have been back 4 times (I think). Great scenery, hotels, people, food, weather and cheap! Feel totally at home there and generally do it on my which I wouldn't do in India.

Q: Of all the cities/towns you visited on tour, which is your favourite?
A: Mumbai is up there. A walk along the Queens Necklace to the ground. Great food, hotels and bars. Also had two wins there which helps..... (definitely not Dunedin!)

Q: What is your most memorable non cricket moment on tour?
A: Renting a fantastic house in Queenstown with friends and doing Doubtful Sound.....having a great party at the house with people singing along to Petula Clark...thanks Midnight....Staying on in Australia and watching the Open Tennis. Going to Zambia and seeing Victoria Falls....I'm afraid the list could go on...

Q: What do you enjoy most about touring?
A: Just has to be the diverse people you meet of all ages. It's great to be in a strange place and look out of the window and see people you know. It's also the fantastic places we visit and although Australia and South Africa are great it's the small tours such as Bangladesh that you remember most.

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